Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is there any New Keywords Selector tools I can use?

These days, you can find many different types of keyword selector tools online. There are 2 new tools that Google introduced: the Keyword Eye and the Ubersuggest. Each program has its unique usefulness and features.
Keyword Search Tools
When it comes to producing articles and content for websites, writers and advertisers could always use effective strategies to target and tap readers and potential customers. These days, it is already a common knowledge that there are specific keywords and key phrases that would always rank higher in search engine results. This way, websites and their content could surely be successful in reaching out to people, which in turn could lead to higher conversion rates.
There are various keyword selector tools that are available online. Developers of such programs apparently recognize the fact that more advertisers and websites now prefer to use such tools to come up with effective keywords that could be used strategically. Most of the popular programs are now offered free across the internet. Google has come up with its own Google Keyword Tool, which is quickly gaining popularity among online experts. However, the search engine has come up with two new keyword selector tools that are designed to take the search process to a higher level.
Google Adwords Tool Result Visualization
This tool introduces the concept of the 'keyword eye.' The tool is marketed as a visualizer. Every word or subject you type would generate a 'tag cloud.' There, you could easily notice that font sizes of words and phrases vary. The idea is that the larger the font size of a word or phrase is, the higher is its search volume across the web. There is also a color scheme to represent competitiveness of keywords and phrases. Red font symbolizes high competitiveness while orange represents medium and green indicates low.
Among all keyword selector tools, this one is the most visually stimulating. You surely would have more fun using it because of its colorful schemes and designs rather than its usefulness, although in this aspect, the program would never be inferior as well. The eye-catching interface is complemented by specific research preferences. There are available filters so you could always customize your own keyword search.
Google Suggest Tool Result Expansion
This tool is also known as Ubersuggest. Among all other keyword selector tools, this one could be considered the most amazingly useful aside from visually appealing like the Keyword Eye. Aside from generating a list of recommended keywords for a subject, the program could query Google Suggest with provided term. You could also collect all results and save them easily to spare yourself from all the tedious manual work.
As the name suggests, this tool could expand on any query. Thus, you could always customize your search to cover other preferences and requirements you may have. Among all other keyword selector tools, this one is more useful when it comes to covering a wider scope of subject.

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Above are just 2 additional Keyword Selector Tools you could use. However, there are even much better tools and resources you could use by checking out the link Keyword Research Seo Tool.

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